Landscape Lighting - Ready To Light Up Your Yard!

We service all areas east of Lake Ray Hubbard!

A beautifully installed outdoor lighting scene can add style and sophistication to a home or business’s landscaping. As the #1 go-to landscape lighting company we specialize in creating inviting entryways, brightened walkways & driveways that will add warmth to porches & covered areas.

Our Premium Landscape Lighting Services

We offer a variety of landscape lighting services:

  • Landscape Lighting Installation
  • Landscape Lighting Repair
  • Landscape Lighting Design

We’re the preferred landscape lighting company to all local residents in areas east of Lake Ray Hubbard! We can create the perfect outdoor lighting to showcase your home’s architectural features and unique landscape while providing safety and security.

Why Choose Us For Your Landscape Lighting Service?

Outdoor landscape lighting is essential for improving home value, visual enhancement, and providing safety and security.

Our lighting fixtures are specifically designed to be safely operated in almost every weather condition. We carry a huge selection of outdoor lighting fixtures available to complement your landscaping whether it is a nice accessory or a necessity!

We Can Help Your Home Make A Statement With Just Lighting

With years being the #1 landscape lighting company around we can design a beautiful lighting plan for your home or you can bring in your ideas or designs. A few of the most popular landscape lighting designs are:

Tree lighting from below – Designed to boost the appearance of trees at night and is often placed right at the base of the tree at a sharp angle pointing upward at the tree itself.

Plant beds side lighting – The goal is to produce lighting that is widespread and bathes the entire plant bed so it can be seen and enjoyed at night.

Home façade wash – These lights are placed in the footing below the front home walls and the back of the house but at an angle. The result is a wash of light at night that covers the side wall up to the inside of the roof, highlighting the house design at night.

Garden wall choices – Garden walls are generally a variety of features versus just a flat wall. Folks have placed vines, alcoves, patterns and more, all of which can be highlighted with placement of lighting, either as broad flood beams or bullet lights.

Specific focus points – These focuses can include fountains, a specific garden ornament, and specific plant, or a given tree. Bullet beam lights are most commonly used for this purpose, concentrating light into a bright beam for illumination.