#1 Sprinkler System Installation Service in Terrell, TX

We service all areas east of Lake Ray Hubbard!

An automatic sprinkler system is no longer a luxury – it’s now a necessity! Southern Style Lawncare & Maintenance is the #1 sprinkler system installation service in Terrell, TX! We understand that you have more important things to worry about rather than watering your flower beds and landscape. That’s why we install automatic, modern, and smart sprinkler systems only!

Benefits Of Updating Or Installing An Efficient Sprinkler System

A healthy green lawn is impossible without water. Texas isn’t one of those lucky states with an ideal amount of rainfall to keep our lawns hydrated, so that’s why sprinklers are the best options to water your lawn.

If you’re a homeowner with dry, brown grass or don’t have the time to water your lawn, calling Southern Style Lawncare & Maintenance for sprinkler system installation service in Terrell, TX is your #1 option. Here are a few benefits to look forward to from your new sprinkler system:

  • More Time. Having an automatic sprinkler system rewards you with more time in your day! You have the luxury of setting a timer so your sprinklers automatically start at your desired time.
  • Optimal Watering. Clemson University recommends that you water your lawn early in the morning to maintain a healthy green lawn. If you set your sprinkler system early in the morning, you have the advantage of early morning watering without leaving your bed!
  • Save Money & Environment. It’s proven that having a sprinkler system can help you save money on your water bill because you can set them at the correct pressure and time for no over-watering. You’ll also be saving the environment because you’ll be using less water!

Work With Terrell's #1 Sprinkler System Pros

We continue to be Terrell’s preferred sprinkler installation because we only carry industry-leading products so that your system performs optimally and lasts for years to come! Our experts also ensure that your sprinkler system is installed effectively for no future costly repairs.

We recommend that every homeowner invests in a sprinkler system if their home doesn’t have one. Also, if you’re selling your home, we recommend either installing a new sprinkler system or installing a system if your home doesn’t have one. This will help increase your home’s value! Give our sprinkler system installation service in Terrell, TX a call for more information or for a FREE estimate!